RAVr - Starting a Dev Blog

Yep. Starting a dev blog for this project. Nothing fancy. Just a few markdown files in this folder documenting the process. I’m gonna start out easy and aim for 1-2 posts a month for now, but I won’t have a fixed schedule. Whenever I feel like there’s something of interest to write about, that’s what I’ll do.

This will also be a place to go over and discuss ideas I have for the direction of the project, and I think writing about that stuff will give me a clearer picture of what I want to do.

I also won’t rule out going back over old code and writing about what my intentions were at the time and how it comes together.

In the end, I don’t really have an audience in mind. I don’t think I’m writing this for anyone specific. All I’m really hoping for is that talking more about the code I’m writing will make me a better coder.

Edit 20180801

I feel like getting back into this project again, maybe rewriting some bits and maybe actually take the whole thing further, so I’m moving all my old dev blogs to be a part of this site.

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