Building Lgrqvst.com, Part I

Setting Out

I’m rebuilding my website. For those that have known me a long time, and to myself as well, this statement—“I’m rebuilding my website”—has almost taken on the quality of a joke. I have said it so many times, and actually done it quite a few times, but it always seems to end with me not putting in the time and effort of maintaining the site (for one reason or another).

And yet I always come back to the idea of a personal site. I’ll look at the one I abandoned a year earlier or two years earlier or three years earlier and think, “Well, this is no good. Let’s rebuild.”

And so,

Let’s rebuild.

A lot has changed since the last time I had personal site, and I think that I’ve changed a fair bit as well. So maybe it’s not hopeless. Let’s find out.

Hi there! Thanks for reading. I debated for a while having a comment section here, but I wasn't really on board with any of the alternatives I looked at. If something you read on this site sparked something in you and you want to communicate that to me, get in touch with me either by email, or on social media, perhaps on Twitter. Thanks!