Building Lgrqvst.com, Part II

Defining What I Want

What is the purpose of this site? I think that’s important to define as a first step. Definitely, the lack of any kind of overarching vision of why I had a website has been a part of the reason for why previous sites were ultimately abandoned. So let’s take a moment to consider this.

For starters, I want a kind of central hub for my online presence. People that know me on Facebook might not know me on Twitter. People that have seen my photos on Instagram might be curious to find my GitHub profile, and so on. I don’t have any illusions about me being all that interesting to be quite honest, but I feel like the least I can do is make things easy to find.

Secondly, I want a permanent location for a portfolio. If I want to show my work to someone, I want all aspects of it to be available in one place.

Third, sometimes I just want to write about stuff. I want a place for development journals for various projects. I want a place to put long-form thoughts.

Fourth, and this touches on the second point a little bit, I want to have a central place for the art I make. Again, a single location to address people to if I want them to see the stuff I’m interested in.

Fifth and finally (for now), I want to be able to experiment a bit with web and graphic design in a way I can’t really do in my day job.

So yeah. Basically, I think it all comes down to that first point: a central hub for everything. And that’s really it.

Hi there! Thanks for reading. I debated for a while having a comment section here, but I wasn't really on board with any of the alternatives I looked at. If something you read on this site sparked something in you and you want to communicate that to me, get in touch with me either by email, or on social media, perhaps on Twitter. Thanks!