Building Lgrqvst.com, Part V

Thinking About Design

I don’t have any mockups or psd files with a thought-out design for this site, but I do have a few ideas I want to make happen.

I want it to be overall a light site, and I want to have a low-key textured background, like a light paper texture. I want the body text to be in a serif font, and I will probably set headings in a sans-serif font. I want the site to be mostly black and white, with large images and splashes of color here and there providing some contrast.

I also know I want to use CSS Grid. I don’t know that the layout I have in mind requires using Grid, but it makes things easier. It’s also just a great opportunity to learn more and try a few things.

Honestly, that’s pretty much all I have at the outset of this thing. We’ll see how it goes, and how things change underway.

Hi there! Thanks for reading. I debated for a while having a comment section here, but I wasn't really on board with any of the alternatives I looked at. If something you read on this site sparked something in you and you want to communicate that to me, get in touch with me either by email, or on social media, perhaps on Twitter. Thanks!