Re: Programming Languages and Frameworks in RAVr

I get thinking sometimes about whether using JavaScript and React for this project is the right way to go. Maybe I should start learning Unity, or use a JS game library, or do X or do Y or use whatever is easiest to port to the largest number of platforms. But I always come back to JS as the way to move forward with this.

The thing is, I’m not a game studio. I’m not making this to try and make money necessarily. I don’t really care about putting this on any console, or even really about mobile platforms. I just want to play it in the browser. Maybe I’ll bundle it up as some kind of executable file, using Electron or something, but that’s likely as far as I’ll go. In the end, I’m doing this because I like doing it, and I think I’ll have fun with the end product (if it ever gets that far.) Bringing in thinking about markets and reach and what sells, not to mention learning a whole new programming tool, just for this one project, while also learning more about React and JS for work, well. It would just suck all the joy out of this thing, I reckon. So JS it is.

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