To Do

Here’s some of what needs doing to bring this ship to port. There’s probably more that should go here that I’ve failed to realize is missing..

  • Make a To Do list

Before Release

  • Finish site (mostly)
  • Write post

After Release

  • Tackle Lighthouse, Checkbot, etc.
  • Run the site through some accessibility tests and patch where necessary
  • Check if user prefers reduced motion and if they do don’t animate shit
  • On mobile: Clickable overlay under nav menu to close menu
  • Move styles to separate folder for better organization
  • Make Figure and Lede and the standard Gatsby Link (solved, I think, by gatsby-plugin-catch-links) into mdx shortcodes for easier use
  • Set up RSS feed
  • Add categories and tags to post footer
  • Add date to post footer (and/or somewhere else)
  • Consider moving from Formspree to Netlify Forms
  • Think about maybe moving content out of the src folder
  • Set correct font in code blocks
  • Make inline code blocks smaller to fit with the body font
  • Add indication that the contact form actually sent something, cause it’s really not clear at all
  • Reduce number of components (move single use components to context they’re used in)

SEO & Sharing

  • Write better meta descriptions for static pages
  • Put missing h1 on home page
  • Create better (dynamic?) social images for every page and post.
  • Add descriptions


  • Take proper self portrait
  • Put self portrait on About page

Fancy Stuff

  • Add transition link
  • Set up a link wrapper using transition link
  • Animate page transitions (css animations)
  • Implement that canvas idea I had that one time

When It Comes Up

  • More robust table styling
  • Figure out mobile solution for tables
  • Image credit for header images
  • Pull quotes


  • ul.contains-task-list (style the actual checkboxes to use something custom)
  • Make /tags page look prettier
  • Make /categories page look prettier
  • Make dark mode check smoother, i.e. don’t show light mode first, but go straight to preferred
  • Remember user’s theme setting


  • Fix fouc on page load (Fixed as far as I can tell)
  • Figure out what’s causing the error during initialization, and find out if it’s important. Resolved. Caused by gatsby-plugin-prettier-build and probably a result of me using an old node version.